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Miscellaneous Toys For Sale

Ad #
Ad Title
FS Madame Alexander International Country Dolls08/31/17
  Madame Alexander International Country Dolls
For Sale: A Collection of 31 Madame Alexander International Country Dolls. There are 24 dolls in their original boxes ...

FS Talking Mother Goose From the 70s Tapes and Books12/18/16
  Talking Mother Goose From the 70s Tapes and Books
Cassette tapes and Mother Goose books, Teddy ruxpin tapes and books and worlds of wonder mickey mouse clothes and casset ...

FS Knickerbocker Old Raggedy Andy Doll09/26/12
  Knickerbocker Old Raggedy Andy Doll
$20.00/ship/ins is extra. Oh! How cute is this......So cute and colorful! This is a MUST have for the Ann or Andy collec ...

Miscellaneous Toys Wanted to Buy

Ad #
Ad Title
WTB Tub Town Harbor Village By Lakeside Wanted To Buy:02/12/18
Tub Town Harbor Village By Lakeside Wanted to Buy: Interested in buying Tub Town Harbor Village by Lakeside. Popular in the 1980's. My daughter's favorite and I want to get one for her baby Thanks

WTB WTB 1980's Buggy Bee Riding Toy08/15/15
It's a child's riding toy: an orange body which you sit on; yellow head and wheels (I think there are three on each side.); and green antennaes which are the handles. I received one of these Christmas of 1984. I would like to find another one now for my children.

WTB Top Dollar!$ 1k+ For Remco Screaming Mee Mee Rifle04/17/15
1965 or later,Remco Screaming Mee Mee rifle. Loose or boxed!Loose parts accepted, i.e. red bullets,pistol that came with rifle,mee mee missle!I've been looking too long for this Toy! Please contact on any leads.

WTB 1980 Amtoy Dog 01/04/15
Please help its a 1980 amtoy plush dog with a scarf!! By Longfellow

WTB Looking For Tub Town Harbor Village06/09/14
I'm trying to find a vintage Tub Town Harbor Village bath toy (with figurines) in good condition. Also interested in the fire station. This is an incredibly hard-to-find piece of my youth that I'd like to share with my daughter!

WTB Old Toy Trains05/21/14
Want to buy old toy trains.

WTB 1983 Avon Plush Dog04/25/14
Multi colored plush dog named Puddles. Sold at same time as Carmichael cat also from Avon.

WTB Buggy Bee Ride One Toy04/22/14
My daughter was born in 1985 and I bought a ride on toy through either pampers, huggies or luvs diapers, with bear points. The ride on was called BUGGY BEE and it is a orange body with yellow head and wheels with green antennas for the handles. Would really like to find one her first child will be born in October 2014 and would love to surprise her with this toy. thank you

WTB Original Clackers04/16/14
Looking for early 70s original hard glass clackers. They were removed from the market due to injuries. There are ones available made of lucite . Im only interested in the originals please. Thank you

WTB Chein Tulip Top03/16/14
Wanted in good working condition. When top is spun whirling sound occurs, and tulip opens to reveal a ballerina.

WTB 1978 Fisher Price Terry Grabber Pig #43701/03/14
I am in search of this pig. If anyone has one please contact me.

WTB Zoodleland Kitchen Set08/07/13
would like to buy zoodleland kitchen set. penguin ref, turtle stove, hippo sink... thanx!

WTB 1980's Fisher Price Pink Plaid Baby Bunny Security04/23/13
I want a 1980's Fisher Price Pink Plaid Baby Bunny Security Blanket. For my daughter who is now 33 years old, which we lost the bunny and she has not forgot about it over all these years.

WTB 3 Marx Rex Mars Accessories 03/06/13
Antiaircraft gun with control seat base. Large Radar mast with contol seat base. Large search light with control seat. I have a photo or all three if you will contact me.

WTB Stuffed Pink Dog With Bee on Nose03/16/13
I am looking for a stuffed dog from the early 1970's, it was a pink basest or hound dog with sad eyes. The dog had a wind up music box but I can't remember what it played, it also had a bee on his nose and his nose moved a bit when the music played

WTB Toy Possibly Mid 90's02/28/13
I used to have a stuffed pig that had a white body with small polka dots but had a red face and also had red hands and feet. I would like to give this toy to my daughter someday.

WTB Zoomer in Blue Track Suit From 1980s02/27/13
I'm searching for the Zoomer stuffed animal n a blue track suit. It is for a gift so if you have one - please let me know. Thanks

WTB Little Tikes Ollie Banana Ride on Toy02/19/13
Vintage late 70s-80s adorable yellow ride on toy shaped like a banana. Why is this so hard to find? Why did I ever give away my daughter's Ollie? Desperately seeking Ollie.

WTB Tub Town Harbor Village By Lakeside 02/01/13
Interested in buying Tub Town Harbor Village by Lakeside. Popular in the 1980's. My daughter's favorite and I want to get one for her baby boy. Thanks

WTB Looking For the Woodsie Squirrel Family Set12/28/12
I am very interested in purchasing The Woodsie Squirrel Family & the Log House. Please contact me if interested in selling.

WTB Tootsie Roll ( Tootsweet ) Whistle Maker By Matel 1970's?12/21/12
This is a plastic toy. Probably made in the 70's. You place a plastic toy mold in the machine and then put a miniture tootsie roll in and press the handle. The tootsie roll molds into a whistle or other small toy. My daughter had one of these when she was young and we must have gotten rid of it. I would like to find one for her. Thank you!

WTB Searching For a Toy12/20/12
My daughter & step son both had a Bucky the Wonder Horse ride on toy in 1981. My step son died when hr was 16 & now I have a grandaughter & would love to find this toy for her.

WTB Looking For: U Drive It - Schaper Toys 197412/06/12
U Drive It - Schaper Toys 1974

WTB Dakin Reindeer Christmas Stocking11/30/12
Christmas stocking made about 1985 by Dakin Reindeer. Stocking red with white top. Brown reindeer with satin like antlers

WTB Wanted , Fisher Price Bucky the Wonder Horse 11/18/12
Would like to find a Bucky the wonder horse for my daughter, she had one and it was lost

WTB Little Orby Wall Walker08/13/12
I would like to purchase a Little Orby wall walker, as I had one as a kid

WTB Apple Peel Mobil Ride Along Toy.06/27/12
Looking for a Apple Peel Mobil ride along toy. I had one close to the mid 80's growing up. It had a giant red plastic apple at the front, and you sat on a little bench behind it with wheels. It was also green and yellow. Asked the parents and they "think" it was from Hasbro? Maybe. Would love to find one for my youngest daughter right now. If you know where I could get one it would be so great. Thank you!

WTB Basset Hound Piggy Bank. Reliable Plastics. 05/13/12
He is yellowish with long brown ears, maybe a red or black nose.

WTB Electro Shot Shooting Gallery04/30/12
My father was a toy designer and model maker for Marx Toys in the 60's and 70's in Erie, Pa. The Electro Shot was his design. I would love to have one. I have so many memories of playing with Marx Toys, many were the prototypes for toys that never made it to production.

WTB Marx Windup Key04/08/12
Need a wind up key for a Marx 1930's SparKLing tank

WTB Wanted: Bucky the Wonder Horse04/01/12
A ride on plastic toy from the 80's, made by Wonder. White, red, blue with yellow wheels with a seat that opens up for storage. He whinnies.

WTB Bassett Hound Mechanical Dog03/30/12
The Basset Hound is a mechanical toy dog/animal. Once switched on, this soft plush toy dog walks, sniffs, and wags its tail. POWER: Uses 2 C batteries (I believe). DIMENSIONS about (HxL) 6 x 12 inches. COLOR: Beige and brown. Bought it at FAO Schwarz in NYC one winter back in late 1990's/early 2000's and it had a red collar. Keeper for my daughter, but was taken when brought in for use in a school play.

Click here to see what it looks like.

WTB Marx Electronic Bowling Game03/22/12
I recently went from Cinci Oh, to New York to get this marx electronic bowling game, and I need the decals that went on the buttons and around the outside of buttons. The words are all faded off from time. The buttons I believe said,,,, POWER, ONE PLAYER 2 PLAYER,,RESET, and TEST. Can you help me get those? Thanks

WTB Vintage Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Wanted02/24/12
I'am searching for vintage Rudolph items to include a Rudolph Riding Stick (pony type), plush toys prior to 1965, a Rudolph purse, Childs muff,radios Airline,Thayer Rudolph furniture. Any Vintage Rudolph!

WTB Screaming Mee Mee Rifle01/21/12
Looking for a Remco Screaming Mee Mee Rifle set (complete) with box in near to mint condition

WTB Looking For a Slurp01/13/12
I am looking for a toy made in 1965 called La Petite Slurp, manufactured by Spectacular Products of Cannon Falls MN. Does anyone have one for sale? Thanks Pam

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