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Posted by Monica_m_ on February 07, 2012 at 10:49:08:

1970-80's Red/green Velveteen (velour?) Bulldog

Wanted to Buy:

Looking for a red and green bulldog similar to one I was given in the early 80's. The maker is unknown. The bulldog's features are somewhat cartoon-like rather than realistic. He has large green jowls, which make up the majority of his face. He sits like a teddy bear (on his butt) -- he does NOT stand on all fours. He has large white plastic eyes with brown and black painted on. He also has a black plastic nose. His ears are small and red. His lower 2 feet are larger than his upper 'arms' and some parts of him (butt/lower legs) are heavier because they are filled with tiny plastic beans/pellets. He is covered in a very soft velvet-like fabric (velveteen? doux cotton? velour?) that has a short pile... I remember that the fabric had a bit of a shine to it -- BEFORE I loved it all off of him! :)

Any information you have of a similar bulldog would be appreciated. I would really love to know who the manufacturer was, because mine was given to me in used condition, and I have no information about where it originally came from. Thank you in advance for any help you can give!


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