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FS Fisher Price Play Family School With Accessories11/21/14
    Fisher Price Play Family School With Accessories
A vintage Fisher Price Play Family School (#923) with several Accessories. This item has been played with. There a ...

Fisher Price Toys Wanted to Buy

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Ad Title
WTB Dexter Dog08/11/19
yellow plush tarry cloth toy.

WTB WTB - Sam the Clam Bath Toy 05/19/19
Looking for 70's or 80's Fisher Price bath toy, Sam the Clam. Yellow plastic clam with pink insert.

WTB 3 Little Pigs04/01/18
Looking for the F-P soft pink cloth story book that is a stuffed pig, 3 or 4 pages on body of pig. Had one in 1974.

WTB Red Tackle Box and Rod07/11/15
I am looking for Fisher Price red tackle box with the rod that fits into the handle. The rod actually catches real fish. Was made is the late 1980s.

WTB My Name is Michael06/19/15
i'm looking for a box music with this specific song, my name is Michael , 1974 maybe... Thanks in advance

WTB Animal Grabber PIG #43712/21/14
My brother had two and loved them. I'd love to get one for him so he can give it to his first born son.

WTB Tubtown Harbor Village12/06/14
looking for a Tub Town Harbor Village Lakeside. My friend has a terminal illness and this toy reminds her of her childhood. Please contact if you find one.

WTB Want 2 Dexter Dogs12/09/14
Want to buy 2 Dexter dogs from the 1980's. Yellow and called Animal Grabbers, yellow terry cloth, stuffed with foam rubber and contain a rattle. Need for Christmas.

WTB Bucky the Wonder Horse11/23/14
Would love to buy one for my youngest grandson

WTB Bucky the Wonder Horse11/23/14
Would love to buy one for my youngest grandson

WTB Bucky the W Onder Horse11/08/14
Looking to buy a Bucky The Wonder Horse from the 1980's (as are several other people) -- my son had one and loved it -- would love to give one to his son. This was his favorite toy!

WTB Wanted-- Bucky the Wonder Horse10/15/14
Looking for a Bucky the Wonder Horse, circa 1980. Just like the one my son had and now need one for my grandson!

WTB Wanted-Bucky the Wonder Horse 10/05/14
I am looking for a Bucky the Wonder Horse made in 1979-1980. Riding Toy-Horse weinies when you pull the reigns and red lid on seat with compartment.

WTB Dexter Dog Wanted09/21/14
please help me find a Dexter Dog as I gave away my daughter's!

WTB Wanted- Vintage Fisher Price Bath Activity Center 09/19/14
Wanted- Vintage Fisher Price Bath Activity Center # 133 in good condition

WTB Fisher Price Animal Grabbers "Pig"07/26/14
My wife has had 3 of these stuffed pigs since she was a child and they are really old and weathered. I've been trying to find some replacements, but am having no luck. Here's a link to the a description; http://www.thisoldtoy.com/l_fp_set/toy-pages/400-499/437-animalgrabberspig.html Does anyone have one of these or know where to find one? Thanks, Josh

WTB Oh SAM! Where Could You Be?07/26/14
I love Sam The Clam Water Toy! Please help me find him!

WTB Elephant #73507/07/14
Fisher Price Year 1958 - Juggling Jumbo Elephant #735

WTB Wanted - Fisher Price Marching Band With Hat 221006/07/14
Marching band set was made in 1988-1996 and item number is 2210. Has a hat that goes with the set.

WTB Want Bucky the Wonder Horse05/17/14
Want for sentimental reasons as was favorite toy of now grown sons. Will use as decor item. Don't need original box or like new condition. Would prefer it still Winnie's but not necessary.

WTB Cloth Book12/31/13
Cloth book for girls also one for boys Fisher Price made.

WTB Sm. Truck Fisher Price12/31/13
Looking for small Postman FP truck with driver Blue and white

WTB Bluebird Book Fisher Price12/31/13
Woodsey special bluebird book. Along with bluebird puppet

WTB Fisher Price Grabbers08/23/13
Fisher Price Grabber Collection. A pink plush pig made between 1979-1981. It's soft foam filled terrycloth and has a rattle inside. Daughter had one as a baby and am looking to give it to her for a surprise gift.

WTB Fisher Price 1980's Porta Swing07/20/13
Saw an ad for the 1980's porta swing on here. I am looking for one to. I am looking for the one featured in look who's talking movie. If you know where I can buy this fisher price porta swing please let me know.

WTB Fisher Price 1969 Blue Bird Pull-a-Tune Music Box 08/18/13
I am looking for a Fisher-Price Blue Bird Pull-A-Tune Music Box (#189) that goes on the side of a baby crib. Can be used but must be in working condition. Thanks!

WTB Wanted Fisher-Price Skipper Sam Black Boy in Boat03/25/13
wanted in good condition at a reasonable price,,Fisher price Skipper Sam black boy in boat

WTB Looking For the Fisher Price Porta Swin05/21/13
Looking for the fisher price porta swing made in the late 19$0s. Please contact me if you have one or know where I can get one.

WTB WTB Bucky the Wonder Horse Ride on Toy05/05/13
He is a white horse with a red seat and yellow wheels. Storage compartment under the seat and when you pull on his reigns he makes noise.
Will pay for shipping.

WTB Vintage Fisher Price Toys02/08/13
Looking for 1966 FP radio Bah Bah Black Sheep #156 and still looking for Penelope Penguin

WTB #234 Nifty Station Wagon Fisher Price01/21/13
Hi! I am looking for this car made by Fisher Price in 1960. Please contact me. Thank you.

WTB Wood Roof For #983 Safety School Bus01/21/13
Hi. I am looking for the yellow "Fisher Price" piece of wood that goes on top of the bus; in the middle of the plastic roof. Please contact me. Thank you.

WTB Bucky the Wonder Horse01/19/13
bucky the wonder horse is white, the saddle is red, opens up to store things in the legs move when child sits and rides on it, it has yellow wheels.

WTB Fisher Price Bunny Blanket12/28/12
I am looking to purchase any fisher price bunny blanket in blue, pink, or yellow plaid or looking for the pattern to make one myself. Please contact me if you have any available. They were made in the late 70's and early 80's Thanks!

WTB I Want To Buy a Bucky the Wonder Horse12/10/12
I am looking for a Bucky the Wonder Horse for my new granddaughter. If you have one to sell, please contact me. Thank you.

WTB Looking For Animal Grabbers "PIG"12/03/12
Years Made: Fisher-Price Toy Department Department 5: Infant & Toddler 1979-1981 Description: Pink foam-filled terrycloth pig head that rattles when shaken. The pig head is shaped a bit like a ball with a loop through the middle for baby to hold it. The pig has a long round pink snout that is sewn to his bottom lip forming a loop. Pig has small rounded pink terry-cloth ears, and sleepy blue stitched eyes. Designed for children ages birth to 2 years old. Accessories: FPT14587 - Animal Grabbers Pig, described above. Variations: None.

I live in Belgium and i'm looking for a ride on toy I had when I was young : the FISHER PRICE EXPLORER #980 ATV ! Thanks for your help !

WTB Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Bird Bath - Star Shape10/31/12
Hi there! I am looking for a replacement star shape for the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Bird Bath. Great toy for the special needs children that I work with - but autism doesn't favor "incompleteness." PLEASE contact me if you have one you would be willing to sell. Thank you!!!

WTB WANTED: Ride-On Space Explorer10/17/12
I am looking to buy a FISHER PRICE EXPLORER #980 ATV in good condition for my grandson.

WTB Wanted Fisher Price Fishing Pole & Tackle Box10/15/12
Im looking for a fisher price fishing pole and red tackle box from the 80's

WTB Wanted: Sam the Clam10/01/12
My mother in law gave my daughter the Sam the Clam my husband had circa 1977. She loved it! Unfortunately, our dog did too. She chewed the inside piece and we are very upset for sentimental reasons. We would love to find a replacement inside piece for our daughter to enjoy.

WTB ATV Explorer 98008/26/12
I live in Belgium and I'm looking for the ATV Explorer 980 that was sold from 1971 and which I had when I was young. I'd like to find one for my children!

WTB Fisher Price Explorer08/25/12
I am looking for a ride on toy that my son had and now my grandson is here. I would love to find one for my grandson. It was white with a red seat. Please let me know if you would like to sell one. THANK YOU.

WTB Buy Penelope Penquin08/06/12
Looking to buy Fisher Price 1935 #345 Performing Penelope Penquin.

WTB My Name is Michael07/29/12
looking for the FP My name is Michael Wind up toy.

WTB Fisher Price Fishing Kit07/21/12
I would like to purchase a 1988 or close Fisher Price fishing kit. It has a red tackle box w/black handle. Measuring marks on top of the box. The pole fits into the handle. Thanks.

WTB Fisher Price Slumber Baby07/15/12
I am looking for a fisher price slumber baby- made around 1989- either the pink bunny or yellow lamb- used condition is fine

WTB Fisher-Price Fishing Kit06/01/12
I would like to find atleast one possibly two of the Fisher-Price Fishing Kits from 1988-1990. It was a red tackle box with black handle that the pole attached to for storage and portability. Has protective cap for hook.

WTB Fisher Price White Plastic Drum Set05/01/12
Looking to buy Fisher Price drum set. White base with yellow drum and red drum, red bell, blue scraper and center xylophone. Two blue drumsticks.

WTB Looking For #2101 Fisher-Price Kitchen04/11/12
I would LOVE to have this kitchen for my children- almost made me cry when I saw a picture of it!!

WTB Bucky the Wonder Horse03/28/12
I am looking to buy a Fisher Price Bucky the Wonder Horse. It was a favorite of my childrens when they were little. My son and his wife are now expecting a baby I would love to find a Bucky to pass to the next generation.

WTB Fisher Price Bath Activity Center03/23/12
looking for the orange boat pouring cup for the 1980-1985 fisher price bath activity center. the boat is used to pour water over the activity center to make things move and open. the boat rests on/in the center when not in use

WTB 1970's House and Little People02/05/12
I am looking to buy the toys from childhood. There was a two story house that folded vertically closed. I am also interested in the wood and plastic figures and furniture for that house.

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