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Marx Toys Wanted to Buy

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WTB Pit Change Charger Racecar01/03/15
Looking for a Marx pit change charger. Not concerned about the box, just that all the pieces are all there and in decent condition.


WTB 1963 Marx Turqouis Creature From the Black Lagoon 11/04/14
im looking for an original marx 6 inch creature figure. i have the complete set, but the creature is orange, so im looking to complete the set in turqoise. if some is willing to trade & wants the orange creature that would be great! he is in mint never played with cond. please let me know,& thanx!

WTB Wanted- Pit Change Charger06/12/14
Am looking for a pit change charger toy from the 70's. Prefer NIB or good condition, but will consider all! Thanks

WTB Marx Series 300 Electronic Bowling01/19/14
I'm looking for a Marx series 300 electronic bowling game. I believe it was from the last 70's. See the link below for a picture of it. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/13159023884696561/

WTB Wanted: Some Items For Marx Prehistoric Times07/21/13
Hi! I am in need of the following: -TWO of the original booklets found in the Prehistoric Times Series 1000 dinosaur playsets. -TWO complete matching sets of the seven Small Mold Group dinosaurs in matching grey. -and ONE complete set of the caveman group in the tan color found in this set. The dinosaurs and cavemen need to be in the colors found in the sets from the 50s- 60s, like in the Series 1000 and the Square Box Sets) I know you dino collectors will know the items I am talking about. I have two of the Series 1000 sets I am trying to complete. Will pay a very fair price. Many thanks!!! Jeff

WTB Wanted: Little Hostess Buffet (The Room Sized One)06/30/13
I would like to buy a little hostess buffet. I want the large one that children could play with, not the miniature one. If you have one for sale, please contact me at the email address above.

WTB Want a Big Bruser Tow Truck05/02/13
I am looking for a big bruser tow truck set Must be in good shap

WTB Bop a Bear Target Set Wanted03/31/13
Hi, If you have a Bop a Bear Set, from the 60's by Marx, please get in touch, my husband was very poor as a child and this is one of the few toys he ever had, he's still talking about it....wouldn't this make a special gift?! Thank you!

WTB Pit Change Charger04/15/13
Looking for a Marx Pit Change Charger from the 1970's. Specifically the STP version. I'd like one NIB but I'll consider others. What do you have?

WTB Little Hostess Buffet03/27/13
i would like to find and buy the little hostess buffet, play room sized (not doll house), entire set

WTB Hi Way Express Tractor & Trailer03/06/13
Looking to buy hi way express van lines coast to coast unit. This will be a cab truck with semi trailer.

WTB Marx Bop a Bear02/10/13
I am looking for a Bop A Bear in good condition for a special gift for my husband in April. It was a favorite toy he got as a child but was unable to enjoy because mother got rid of it because it scared his sister.

WTB Bop-A-Bear Shooting Target Toy02/04/13
I am looking to buy a Bop-A-Bear Shooting Target Toy complete with grizzly bear and gun all parts in working order. Good condition. This is a Marx target toy from the mid 1960's.

WTB Bop-A-Bear Shooting Target Toy11/05/12
My husband talks about this toy to his children and grandchildren. I would love to have one to put under the Christmas tree for him. His family did not have much money so this was very precious to him

WTB Need Parts For 1931 Marx Wind Up Steam Roller10/07/12
Looking for a parts tractor to rebuild my 1931 Marx wind up steam roller, will take whatever you may have for it. Thanks!

WTB Original(Grey) 6" Dare Devil Marx Plastic Figure 09/24/12
Looking for the original 6" grey Dare Devil figure made by Marx toy company from 1967 to finish my collection. Below is a website that better explains what i'm looking for. http://spidermancollector.net/wordpress/?p=177

WTB 1960s Imagination Dollhouse09/03/12
I'm looking for an Imagination Dollhouse from the 1960s. It's a three tier, plastic dollhouse that could be arranged in many configurations.


WTB Wanted Marx Yeti08/24/12
Looking for good condition, working or non work, box or no box Marx Yeti

WTB Parts Wanted07/18/12
Help. I need one tire. one windshield for a louis marx powerhouse tow truck. Thank you DON

WTB Parts For Imagination Dollhouse06/20/12
I've recently added a Marx Imagination dollhouse to my collection, and am searching for parts. In particular, I am in need of the short support and clips/pins to hook the floors together. Any furniture, pictures, windows, or other parts are of interest too. Thanks!

WTB Wanted05/17/12
Wanted Louis marx turnpike Tow truck. One windshield. Set of headlights. Thank you. DON

WTB Looking For Vintage Rock Em Sock Em Robots04/29/12
Good to excellent condition. Robots, ring and box.

WTB Woolworth Marx Store02/06/12
I would love to buy a Woolworth Marx store. I have a Woolworth collection.

WTB Vintage Green Machine01/18/12
I have what is left of my 1975 marx green machine. What i need is a seat mostly and front fender. But would like to find as many parts as i could so i can restore my green machine If anybody has any parts please email will pics of parts and prices. Thanks Gary

WTB Bop-A-Bear Shooting Game01/11/12
Interested in buying a complete working Marx Bop-A-Bear game.

WTB Pit Change Charger12/30/11
Looking for this toy for my friend. It was his all-time favorite childhood toy! Would love to get this for our 7th anniversary!

WTB Looking For Working Marx Big Shot For My Dad11/20/11
Hello- I came across this site through a random google search. My dad told me a story in the past about how his father took him to the department store to pick out a gift for his other son (my dads brother) for christmas. My dad thought my grandfather was trying to secretly find out what gift my father was interested in, so he pointed out the Marx Big Shot, as he really wanted it as a kid. Come Christmas morning, my grandfather actually ended up getting the toy for my dad's brother! I think it would be great to find a working toy to surprise him with this Christmas. Box and condition aren't huge, as long as it functions and has the missiles! Thanks everyone!

WTB Wanted--Bop a Bear Game Set--complete11/07/11
Looking for a complete Marx Bop a bear gun and target set. Must be complete and working. Will buy immediately and pay top dollar. Need ASAP.
Thank you

WTB Little Hostess Buffet in Box, Child Size11/05/11
I'm looking for a little hostess buffet, white, child sized with all the dishes

WTB Marx Big Bruiser Tow Truck Wanted09/28/11
Looking for Marx Big Bruiser Tow Truck. I want to buy it as a present for a special person, his truck was destroyed when he was a kid.

WTB Looking For Marx Big Brusier Tow Truck09/07/11
Looking for Marx Big Bruiser Tow Truck. Looking to replacement for my brother. I ruined his in 1965. I would like one in box.

WTB Marx Super Crane07/25/11
I am looking for a Marx super crane in very good to great condition. I am willing to pay whatever.

WTB Marx Big Shot Wanted06/27/11
Looking for a Marx big shot

WTB Pet Shop06/24/11
I am interested in any items from the marx "pet shop" from the 1950s

WTB Marx Bop a Bear Playset , Pieces Or Box06/13/11
Hello, I am looking for A Bop a Bear Playset either complete in the box or any pieces that are available so I can peice together a set. Even if you only have the empty box alone that is fine, its a start. My brother and I each recieved one of these for Christmas in the early 60's and they were the bomb. We have no idea what happened to them, like so many other things in life they just evaporated over time. Any pieces or parts or leads would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much.

WTB Looking For 8 Inch Metal Shovels...05/14/11
I would like to add to my daughter's collection of 8" metal shovels. They can be in used condition with original paint of any color. Some rust is fine. Thanks!

WTB Boppa Bear Dart Gun04/22/11
I would like to purchase the gun that goes with the Boppa Bear for my grown son. He has the Boppa Bear and played with this when he was young. It would be a surprise for his future birthday.

WTB Wanted: Pre School Educational Toys By Marx04/09/11
Hi folks,
I'm looking for a set of Marx Toys that I had as a child, made in the late 60's or early 70's. It's a line of toy tools that resembled characters. They came with a gadget that they could work with. I'm particularly interested in the characters called "Patrick Pliers", "Roger Wrench" and "Molly Hammer." For whatever reason, it seems very difficult to find these toy tools.

Thank you very much.


WTB Marx Batmobile04/04/11
Looking to buy an original Marx ride along Batmobile for sentimental reasons (it is the first toy I remember having as a kid and I want to give my son the same one). Any insight into how to find one would be greatly appreciated. Contact me via email. Thanks very much.

WTB Wanted02/22/11
I am looking for a early marx big wheel,good shape to new in box.

WTB Big Red Hot Rod12/28/10
I am looking to buy a Big Red Hot Rod, made by Marx in 1965. Thanks

WTB Marx Bop-A-Bear12/22/10
Looking for a Marx bop-a-bear toy. Does not have to be in good condition, with dart gun or darts or noise mechanism working. Just want the bear as a gag gift for friend who was scared to death by it as a child.

WTB Looking For Silly Sammy Toy12/17/10
Silly Sammy was a ride toy in the 70's
I have NOT found this!!!

WTB Marx Dollhouse Cupola12/16/10
wanted Marx dollhouse plastic cupola as used on "breezeway" and "t-ranch" houses. This is NOT the similarly described plastic chimney.

WTB Marx Battery Operated Yeti From the 1960's 12/12/10
Am trying to purchase a Marx battery toy known as YETI From the 1960's near mint or better with the original box. Any price

WTB Wanted: 1970s "One Million BC" Dinosaur Playset11/24/10
looking for 1970s Marx Dinosaur playset... had a large plastic tan colored mountain with bridge

WTB Marx Vintage Hometown Drug Store08/28/10
I would like to find the Marx hometown drug store for my collection of tin toys. (I am a retired pharmacist)

WTB Marx Bop a Bear07/28/10
I am looking for the battery cover for a Marx Bop a bear.

WTB Mint Condition Marx Big Shot Toy Wanted!07/01/10
I am trying to find a vintage Big Shot toy for my husband for his birthday but so far I am having no luck. Please contact me!

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