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FS Harrod's Bear, 18" , Like New, From England, 02/22/15
  Harrod's Bear, 18" , Like New, From England,
This is an issue of the store in London called Harrod's .Familiar to most people.He is signed on a foot, flower on oth ...

FS Vintage Easter Bunny - 1960's02/20/15
  Vintage Easter Bunny - 1960's
This handsome stuffed pink and white bunny measures approximately 34 inches from the tip of his ears down to his toes. H ...

FS Gund Lever Bros Fabric Softener Snuggle Bear Plush03/30/11
    Gund Lever Bros Fabric Softener Snuggle Bear Plush
This listing is for a plush Snuggle bear made by Gund. Snuggle is the mascot for Lever Brothers Fabric Softener. He meas ...

Stuffed Plush Wanted to Buy

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WTB the Velvet Stable Farm Chicken Puppet 198111/16/15
Looking for a puppet. Brown hen with a leather beak and wooden stick for a neck.

WTB Curious George With Bunny Slippers and Striped PJs11/08/15
Hi. Im looking to give my teenage son a replacement doll for the one he has had since birth. It had a rattle on the inside and PJs that didnt come off. Its a special gift for a special son. Any help in finding a replacement is appreciated. Thanks!

WTB Looking For Hop Hop From KFC11/05/15
I'm looking for a plush toy that KFC gave away (Happy Meal Style) in the early 90's. It's name is Hop Hop. Please contact me for additional information, thank you.

WTB ISO Plush Gray "Snuggle Buddies" Mouse 11/04/15
I'm looking for a the Mortimer Mouse made in 1989; the name for the line was called Snuggle Buddies. It is a gray mouse with pink on the ears, zipper in the back and came with a sleeping har attached to an ear. The mouse also came with slippers.

WTB Speedy and Zoomer Stuffed Monkeys10/31/15
These are monkeys wearing blue and yellow track suits with their names on the front. My adult twin boys had these monkeys as their favorite stuffed animals over 30 years ago. I would love to surprise them on their birthday with them again.

WTB Wanted: Stuffed Octopus Vintage08/16/15
Blue-gray stuffed octopus approx. 10-12" tall wearing a hard plastic wht/blue sailor hat. The head was also hard plastic w/the body and legs being stiffed. He was a gift for my husband in about 1959-63. One was purchased in a motel in the Midwest.

WTB Circa 1995 Eden My First Pigling Bland08/01/15
eden terry pigling bland baby toy. Part of the Beatrix Potter "my first" series of toys. The toy Squeaks when pressed. Produced circa 1995.

WTB Plush Gray Mouse P.J./Wearing Slippers Bag06/30/15
This is a plush gray mouse that has a zipper in back of mouse to store child's pj's and it has a pair of slippers that the child can take off mouse to wear and put back on the feet of the mouse. I do have 1 and photos if needed, it was bought in MA between 1989-1991

WTB Looking For Another Monkey05/12/15
Monkey has plastic face, hands and shoes --- about 12" to 14" tall. Was sold in 1963

WTB Looking For Gund Dogfeat04/27/15
Looking for a Gund Dogfeat 7" or 12". My son who is 29 still has his and will become a father for the first time in a few months. Would love to find a reasonably priced one for his new baby!

WTB Yellow Terry Cloth Horse Orange Mane03/21/15
I'm looking for a yellow terry cloth horse with orange mane circa around 1985. Not super stuffed, fairly floppy. The mane is also terry cloth and I think it is just one piece (maybe kind of wavy?). Have been searching for years. May be Gund brand.

WTB Pink Piggy Wi/ Pull Cord Music01/26/15
My daughter had one given to her when she was born. She lost it in a store and I've tried everything that I can think of to track it down. It is a pink pig plush. It had a white pull handle at the bottom and when you pull it the pig extends. While it plays music, it scrunches back up. I've tried to find out who makes it but it was one of those gifts that someone had just picked up at a random store in Missouri. Please help!!!

WTB Vintage Panda Talking Bear, Black & White, 70's12/27/14
It says Hello, I'm Panda the talking panda, Feel my soft fur

WTB Want White Bear W/ Pink & White Gingham Ears12/17/14
Childhood white bear, likely sold between 1968 and 1973. Recollection is about 8" bear. Pink & white gingham ears. And one (or both) ears had a jingling bell inside.

WTB WTB: 1960's Grey and Black Striped Cat 12/14/14
This cat has black and gray stripes, eyes are glow in the dark and has a jingle bell at the end of his tail. Fur is fairly stiff, not very plush.

WTB Musical Red-nosed Santa Hound Dog12/07/14
He's a white and brown dog with sad eyes, wearing a santa hat and a red scarf with green fringe. He had a big, hard plastic nose that lit up when you squeezed his paw and as he played multiple Christmas songs.

WTB 1980's Dog With Puppy Inside12/10/14
Daughter lost her tan/ brown dog with a matching puppy inside

WTB Blue Clown12/04/14
a blue clown stuffed about 14" tall super soft pointed hat made and sold mid 1990s 1994...loosly stuffed

WTB Vintage Gund Stuffed Animal12/05/14
Looking for a vintage gund stuffed cat. The cat is white and wearing red plaid flannel pants with suspenders.. the pants are actually its body. There are bells on the suspender straps.

WTB Playskool Bunny Ball11/17/14
I am searching for a Playskool Bunny Ball. my daughter had one in the late 70's and I would love to find one for my Grandson soon to be born. I found only 3 on the Internet and the were all sold😞

WTB ISO Speedy (bear/monkey?) in Yellow Jogging Suit!11/16/14
I am in search of my childhood toy bear/monkey!the original one was given to me in I thing 1980(I was)ANY condition!! The one I have is almost disintegrated! He wears a yellow jogging suit pinned striped down the legs with blue. His hoody pocket says "SPEEDY". He has blue (denim looking)lace up tennis shoes(sewn on)all clothing is attached(hood can be up or down but still attached) I loved him so much, I even got his remnants tattooed on me!!

WTB Musical Doll For Sleep Dressed in Blue With Stars10/28/14
I am looking for a 90's doll used to make babies sleep dresed in blue pj's with pink stars on cheeks and yellow stars on his feet he had orange hair also.

WTB Looking For Stuffed Animal10/19/14
Hi im looking for a childhood toy that was a white hippo that wore red overalls that had ABC on them in red yellow and green he meant alot to me please help me find him again. Was maybe made by playskool

WTB Pajama Owl Bag..05/15/15
I am looking for old large pajama bag owl stuffer.it is pink and white with a stocking hat and zipper on the back..i don't care if the zipper is broken..

WTB Wanted J. FRED MUGGS With Striped Shirt, Red Pants09/08/14
Want a J Fred Muggs doll with striped shirt and red pants. Were sold at Western Auto in 50's.

WTB Curious George08/28/14
Curious George wearing blue and white striped PJ's that do not come off, bunny slippers and he has a rattle inside.

WTB Curious George, Striped PJ's, Bunny Slippers08/28/14
Curious George wearing blue and white pajamas that did not come off. He had a rattle inside and was wearing bunny slippers.

WTB Stuffed Monkey For the 1980's08/15/14
This is a stuffed monkey in a red jogging suit. He has on tennis shoes that lace up and a hood on the jogging suit. His name (Ithink) was Champ. There were of few others made too. One was in a yellow jogging suit and one in a blue jogging suit( his name was zoomed). I would love to find the one in the red suit for my daughter. She had one when she was little, now it sits on her shelf. Would love to find a new one for her.

WTB 08/04/14
looking for a stuffed cat with rubber face and ears its from the 1950 or 1960

WTB Monkey Plush From 1960's07/09/14
I had a approx 3 foot yellow/tan/lt brown monkey that was my best friend. It had short nappy fur. It had a vinyl/rubber/plastic face. It had elastic strap on both feet that I could slip my feet into so I could dance with it. My brother cleaned out attic and threw it out!! i want to replace my memories!!!

WTB Floppy Yellow Terry Cloth Giraffe With Orange Mane06/19/14
My niece has had a yellow floppy terry cloth(?) stuffed giraffe with an orange mane about 12" tall since she was born. She lost it while on vacation and is heart broken. I believe I bought it in a store in Boston or Cambridge.

WTB Floppy Yellow Terry Cloth Giraffe With Orange Mane06/19/14
My niece has had a yellow floppy terry cloth(?) stuffed giraffe with an orange mane about 12" tall since she was born. She lost it while on vacation and is heart broken. I believe I bought it in a store in Boston or Cambridge.

WTB You Are My Sunshine Bunny - Blue/grey With Yellow06/19/14
I believe it is from the early 1990's, possibly from San Fransisco Music Box Company. A blue/grey stuffed bunny with yellow on it and buck teeth. Sings "You are my sunshine" when you squeeze the hand. Big floppy ears. I cannot find anywhere. Help!

WTB Wind Up Musical Stuffed Frog05/21/14
I purchased a green stuffed frog that would move its head when the music was wound. It was for my baby. I still have the little donkey but I can't find the little frog. I bought it in 1982

WTB 1960s Mattel Lambie Pie05/09/14
I believe the talking Lambie Pie was sold in 1966. She wears an orange dress and has a pull string.

WTB Searching For Vintage Bear04/16/14
I'm looking for a bear that would've been sold 1982-5 ish. A brown bear that would sit. It's legs and arms weren't jointed, rather sewn on. It has an oval head, eyes and nose. The eyes look like they're closed. He had a bow tie, mine was yellow. The mouth was a sewn line. It's tail has a fluffy ball of fur on the end. No clue who manufactured it.

WTB Master Industries04/16/14
WTB circa 1950s stuffed black cat with green glass eyes. A Masters Industries production St Pau MN . Possibly made of velvet. Standing, has whiskers.

WTB Suffed Rooster Or Chick With Rubber Face-early 60s02/15/14
I am looking for a small stuffed animal, a rooster or chick with a rubber face. It had a yellow "comb" on its head a read body with white chest small under 10 inches. I loved this stuffed animal and my husband threw it out years ago. I called him Chckadee not sure why or if it was his real name.

WTB Manhattan Regaling Grey and Cream Bunny02/03/14

WTB 12inch Grey and Cream Bunny Made By Manhattan Toys01/28/14
Please ill pay whatever I'm looking for a grey and cream bunny made in 2000 by manhattan toys

WTB Grey and Cream Bunny From Manhattan Toys Year 200001/13/14
long ears and arms and legs grey all over except around the left eye and feet and hands

WTB Zoomer 01/06/14
Looking for zoomer stuffed monkey in blue jogging suit. Please let me know if you have zoomer or speedy

WTB Musical Stuffed Bee From 1987-199012/05/13
looking to buy: this is from 1990 or earlier. It is a stuffed bee( black and yellow) I think from the music box company, not sure. When you pressed the wing, it played "you are my sunshine"

WTB 1990s Stuffed Red Bulldog From Toy Crane Machine11/29/13
I'm looking for a small stuffed red bulldog (about 10 inches tall) that you could pull out of those arcade crane machines where you put your money in and try to move the crane to pluck out a toy. Thank you.

WTB Vintage Beethoven Tschaikovsky Plush Pup12/30/13
I am in desperate need for the bintage stuffed animal Tschaikovsky pup feom the Beethoven's 2nd collection. He was made in 1993 has a red collar and has light brown fur with white paws and one of the paws are sticking out in a playful stance.

WTB 1950's Black Velvet Cat08/20/13
I had a sitting black velvet cat, circa mid 1950's. May have been a Dakin Dream Pet, but as I remember, it was more elegant than the typical Dream Pets of that era. Size would have been approx. 8 - 10 inches tall, and the velvet material was very soft. Even if you do not have one to sell, I would love to know if anyone else remembers this particular toy and/or knows the brand name.

WTB Yellow Monkey09/17/13
I am looking for a stuffed yellow monkey from the early 90's. my sister had one growing up and I would like to get her another one for her daughter. It was yellow with a handle, multi color legs that had springs in them and make monkey noises.

WTB Knickerbocker Plush Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit07/18/13
Trying to find plush Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit by Knickerbocker. You had to send in Carnation Albers Horse Feed Sack Emblems to earn this plush. My horse did not eat enough bags of feed in time for me to earn this as a child. The plush gray horse originally came with a big purple bow. I would love to find one now for sentimental reasons.

WTB Looking For Montgomery Monkey08/05/13
I have been looking for a Montgomery monkey for a few years now, my daughter got one for her 6th birthday in 1991 but lost him, she's 27 now and it may sound weird but still talks about him sometimes so I would like to surprise her with one

WTB Mom & Baby Tiger Cub Musical08/03/13
I am desperate!!! Looking for stuffed animal circa 1968 or so. Mom and baby cub are connected via string/cord. When you pull them apart mom plays a lullaby while rotating her head in circles. Baby is slowly drawn back to mom by string. Approx size 10-18 inches.

WTB Looking For SLURP Stuff Animal08/01/13
I am looking for a SLURP made by Spectacular Products in the 60's/70's SLURP is an egg-shaped 12" tall furry stuffed animal/toy. SLURP also had 2 feet. I am looking for a SLURP with the big blood shot eyes.

WTB Vintage Marmaduke Stuffed Dog06/20/13
I am looking for a stufffed marmaduke dog from the late 1970s to early 1980s that is tan or yellow and in a sitting position . He has a really big black nose . I had one as a child and can't find one anywhere . If you can please help I would really appreciate it . I will pay up to $100. The marmaduke is also about 24 inches tall.

WTB Zoomer04/08/13
I am look for the Zoomer stuffed monkey in a blue sweat suit to buy. I bought one for my son in the '80's when he was very small. It became lost. I now want one for my soon to be born grandchild. Would prefer new in box if possible.

WTB Zoomer Stuffed Monkey04/02/13
Looking to purchase Zoomer, a stuffed monkey in a blue track suit with Zoomer written across its chest.

WTB Looking For Plushbottoms!!!03/16/13
I am looking for a vintage stuffed Gund Bear who wears tan colored overalls that says "Plushbottoms". circa 1980-ish. Was my one true stuffed animal growing up and it got lost in a move. Please email me if you know of one available!!!

WTB a 1960s Plush Dog Named Trampy02/19/13
My sister had a plush dog named trampy. He had a rubber face and he would jingle..I would love to try to find one.

WTB Clarence the Crosseyed Lion02/22/13
Looking for lion stuffed animal of 60's tv show

WTB Tuffy01/31/13
I am looking for a white and grey stuffed english bulldog who came with a sweater with the name tuffy on it, it was made by master industries and it held lots of sentimental value to my older brother and he has lost his.

WTB Rufus the Talking Lion01/15/13
I am looking for RUFUS the LION he does not have to talk. I don't care what his condition is. He was made by Animal Fair and sold by Montgomery Wards. He was only sold in the early 1970s.

WTB Mattel Lambie Pie12/26/12
I am looking for a Mattel Lambie Pie doll. She is a white lamb with an orange dress and has a pull sting to talk. Will take working or not. Had one as a child and would love to replace her she was stolen from my storage.

WTB Little Chocolate Sweet Feet12/21/12
Looking for my sons first toy. Gund stuffed animal from 1978. Powder blue with a pink face. Looks like a teddy bear but is a lion cub. Bottom of feet are brown.

WTB I Want My Bunny Ball Back!12/14/12
I had to be about six or seven when I had my bunny ball. So that would have been mid 80s. The bunny ball is a beige stuffed plush ball. It has 2 black plastic eyes a pink nose and had floppy ears that the inner side was a floral print and had floppy feet. I LOVED this bunny and would love to get another Thank you in advanced!

WTB Eden Plush Wind-up Elephant "You Are My Sunshine"12/10/12
Looking for a late 70's windup YELLOW plush elephant that play's "You are my sunshine" and his head turns.

It has pink ears and a multi-colored ball on his nose. This was my daughters 1st toy when she was born over 30 years ago. My daughter lost this when someone accidently took all of her childhood lovies to the dump! I would love to find a replacement for her! (Product Code 04EA101408x44) (Manufacturer Eden) (Product Code 04EA101408x44) (Manufacturer Eden)

WTB 3 Velcro Handed Animals That Hug Each Other12/08/12
They were brown with long legs almost like the monkey socks toys. I think one was a bear, a monkey and not sure about the third. They had long arms with velcro hands so they could hug each other as a group. They were from the 70's. If I remember correctly, they were made of fur and cordaroy?

WTB WLTB Speedy, Champ Or Zoomer Stuffed Monkey12/01/12
I have a 1970's stuffed monkey (was my tenth birthday present) with a yellow track suit that says "Speedy" on the front. I am looking for another Speedy or Champ - who has a red track suit that says "Champ" or Zoomer who has a blue track suit with "Zoomer" on the front. Thanks

WTB Bunny With Cape11/29/12
Looking for a plush bunny (Peter Rabbit?) that was dressed in a blue velvet cape (not a jacket) from the early 1970's.

WTB Looking For Purple and White Dog With Plastic Face11/18/12
Looking for a stuffed purple and white dog with a plastic face. I believe had little Purple Hearts on the cheek. I carried it everywhere when I was little until my dog ate it. Please send a picture

WTB Zoomer11/13/12
WTb a stuffed animal monkey with a blue track suit with Zoomer on the jacket .

WTB Little Beggar Bear10/27/12
I am desperate to find a Little Beggar Bear!! My Nanna gave me one when I was born and this bear has meant everything to me for the past 22 years. It is my dream to have one to give to my first born child! Please help!

WTB Wanted - Plush Baba Louie10/22/12
I am looking for a plush Baba Louie doll from the 1959 circa. Baba Louie was the sidekick for Quickdraw McDraw, a television cartoon in that era.

WTB Looking For a Red Dog, Vintage, Dakin Fun Farm09/18/12
I'm looking for a red dog holding flowers, wears a collar, says Japan and fun farm on the tag, he's vintage and most likely Dakin. It's not Rufus. He looks like a beagle dog ? Also came in brown. I really want this dog. Thanks :)

WTB 80's Stuffed Toy Elephant With Wind Up Music Box 09/18/12
My father bought me a Stuffed elephant the day i was born and she was my BFF till i losst her in a move two yrs ago! I am heart broken i cant seem to find any thing like her. She was gray with pink on the feet and hands .. She had a wind up music box inside and a little stuffed clown on the tip of her trunk! PLEASE!

WTB Polka-Dot Bunny Sold At Revco Drugs 1990's08/07/12
I am looking for a very soft, stuffed bunny made in a felt-like fabric. He is white with pastel pink and blue polka dot footy pajamas. He was sold at Revo (now CVS) in 1990 or 1991. He was not a name brand stuffed bunny, nor was he very expensive orignally. Even one that is not in great condition might be okay.

WTB Wanted - GUND Tutti Frutti Rainbow Bright Cat07/21/12
Trying to find this little cat,Yellow face,blue body and red ears. One of the range of toys bought in 1996. please help.

WTB Desperately Looking For Stuffed Mouse Toy From My Childhood07/13/12
I am looking for a gray stuffed "Mommy" mouse that came with a wind up "Baby" mouse that I got in the late 60's or early 70's. I don't know the name of the toy or who made it. I am pretty sure the "Mommy" mouse originally came dressed in clothes, but I would take it with or without clothes. I believe the "baby" mouse was tin or something similar. If anyone has any idea what the name of this stuffed mouse family is or has any information about it, I would really appreciate it!! This is NOT a Mickey Mouse toy!! Thanks.

WTB Red Monkey From the 70's06/29/12
Been looking for this monkey 4 a few yrs

WTB Late 60's Early 70's Talking Panda--Black/White 06/26/12
My brother had a pretty big Panda Bear that talked. IT was black/white. It said I'm Panda, Feel my soft Fur. I'm not sure what else. It was either mid 60's or early 70's.

WTB "Puppy Love" Stuffed Dog Wanted06/18/12
white beagle w/permanent sewn-on long-sleeved red shirt w/white letters that say "puppy love". Soft furry black ears that hang down. 8"-12" sitting down. Sold in Indiana in the 70's

WTB Wanted - Blue EDEN Plush Lion ABC on Chest06/01/12
Looking for an EDEN plush lion. It was sold in the late 1990's. It is about 10" tall, soft floppy, velour body. The body is bright blue with ABC on the chest. It has a yellow mane around the face. Will buy more than one if you have them.

WTB Looking For a Scroungy Plush Dog05/29/12
I am looking for a plush dog made in the 1980's by American Greetings named Scroungy. He is tan/brown in color, has a long face, sad puppy eyes,black pompom nose,laying floppy style and has a red collar with a tag that reads his name on one side scroungy and on the other side it says I belong to _________ but you probably wont return me anyway.

WTB Very Small Stuffed Pig Received in 198405/26/12
Looking for a small soft pig. Stood on all 4 legs about 6" long & 4" tall, light pink. Believe made by Gund. Doesn't have to have tags showing new. Want to replace daughters lost, but favorite as a suprise.

WTB PJ Sparklins Pink Bunny05/25/12
Mattel's PJ Sparklins series, plush pink satin bunny with glow in the dark stars, for my daughter who lost hers when she was 4, this was her baby, and she is 15 now, it would be a great surprise for her. email me please. Thank you!

WTB Playful Pals Made For Mervyns Hippo05/22/12
Gray sitting hippo. Tag reads made for Mervyns Playful Pals. Approx. 10-12'' high.

WTB Wanted- Talking Teddy Bear05/21/12
I am looking for a dark brown talking teddy bear wearing green pjs with white and tan stars on them. Im pretty sure it was from the 90s. If you have one or know what brand or where I could find one that would be great!

WTB Looking For Stuffed Dog/puppet05/19/12
I'm looking for a dog/puppet purchased in 1989-1991. He was beige with brown eyes and one had a brown patch eye, long brown ears and a brown tail. He had a velveteen mouth, he had hind legs and your figers fit in his paws. He had short fur.

WTB Looking For Stuffed Dog/puppet05/19/12
I'm looking for a dog/puppet purchased in 1989-1991. He was beige with brown eyes and one had a brown patch eye, long brown ears and a brown tail. He had a velveteen mouth, he had hind legs and your figers fit in his paws. He had short fur and

WTB Stuffed Dog/puppet, 05/16/12
I'm searching for a beige stuffed dog/puppet,has long brown ears and you could put your fingers in his front paws. One eye had a brown patch, brown velveteen mouth, with hind legs, short fur and a short brown tail. He was originally purchased between 1989-1991.

WTB Vintage Puppy Dogs05/14/12
I'm looking for two stuffed pups I had as a child, back in the 60s, or maybe they were from earlier or later. The first one was a small stuffed puppy with a molded face. He had a bump on his head and a tear on his cheek. The other was from Sears. He was rather big, and he was called "Luv Pup" or maybe "Love Pup."

WTB Pink Pajama'd Teddy05/10/12
I am looking for a stuffed bear wearing pink footy pajamas with textured feeties. He has a sand bottom, white buttons on the pjs and black eyes. He was made between 1995-1996 I believe.

WTB Douglas Plush Digger the Beagle Wanted05/09/12
I am looking for a Douglas Plush Beagle that has been discontinued. We believe it is called Digger. #1689 Digger Beagle is what the Douglas Company is telling us. My son lost his Digger Beagle at Disney World.

WTB Looking For a Zoomer Monkey!!04/29/12
I had a blue jumpsuit monkey he was brown in the face and hands, but hes wearing a blue jumpsuit-(non-detachable) with a hoodie, theres also a red suit and yellow suit monkeys.. I would love to have one again..my daughter lost him years sgo..but was actually mine. Please.. even if one is old please let me know Thanks!

WTB Looking To Buy Stuffed Toy Monkey Named Speedy04/14/12
I would like to find and buy a toy stuffed monkey named Speedy. It is a brown monkey wearing a yellow running suit with a hood. I purchased one in the early 1980's.

WTB in Search Of 1965-66 Plush Toy04/09/12
A brownish pink cat (?) with a blue robe and pink ribbons(and possibly curlers) in its hair. Feet are flat so it will stand. White nose. Feet and hands are just fur (no fingers or toes). I have a picture to share if I can. Found out it came from 1966 Sears Wishbook. They were called The Sophisticates. Am looking for Vivacious Vera.

WTB Looking For a Napper Stuffed Dog By Mattel04/13/12
I am searching for Napper a stuffed dog made by Mattel. It can be in any condition. I had mine ever since I was a little girl and he came up missing. I slept with Napper every night until the day he came up missing...I still have trouble sleeping w/o him.

WTB Looking For Hooty the Owl03/31/12
believe it to be Rushton stuffed owl. Snow white fur, felt feet. and rubber face. vintage1950;1960 if you find one please contact me

WTB Pink Elephant 197203/31/12
I am looking for a large pink elephant with orange corduory on the inside of the ears. Stands approx 24 inches high. Stands on 4 short legs. Wanted for 40th birthday.

WTB 80s Cat With Music Box & Key03/28/12
I am looking for a plush cat, white, with a music box that was wound with a key. It was made between 1985 and 1988.

WTB 1990 Dakin Turtle03/17/12
I'm looking for a turtle that I had as a kid. The year was 1990, Dakin with light green fur on limbs and a golden colored shell. Has open mouth with pink tongue and black eyes. Any help would be great!

WTB Looking For "tuffy"03/04/12
Hello I am looking for a stuffed white bulldog from the 1950's wearing either a red or blue sweater that has been embordiered with the name "Tuffy" on it. He is made by Master Industries Co. in Saint Paul Minn. Please help if you can!

WTB Replica Wanted03/01/12
im looking for a replica teddy or a site as to where i can get a replica... its a grey teddy bear with a white muzzle, black plastic eyes and nose, has a white tummy made in a sitting down position... ive been looking for a replica for the past 6 years to replace one i had as a child between 1990 - 1999 ... please has anyone got a clue or hint or even know of a site i can get it from?

WTB Large Stuffed Chipmunk02/27/12
Looking for large chipmunk about 24 to 36 in.tall.Made in 1959 or 1960 with large white tail.front is white.half of face is white up to eyes.The ears are white.The rest of the animal looks either brown or tan but i can't be sure as the pictures i have are black and white.It also has long eyelashes which makes me think it's female.

WTB 1960s Mattel Lambie Pie Talking Plush02/25/12
i am looking for this doll to go with the one i had as a child. Unfortunately, while in my parents attic, mice chewed her face many years ago. she is a white lamb and wears an orange dress with yellow flowers. i would love to find another!

WTB Black Stuffed Dog02/25/12
I am looking for a fluffy stiff stuffed dog with real fur (not dog fur) maby like plastic under neeth, I want it to be very realistic (not malissa and duog) and small (maby like six inchis)

WTB Fluffy N' Floppy Stuffed Animal- Raccoon02/24/12
I am looking for a stuffed raccoon that is about 2 ft long, gray and black, the tag is very faded but i can read it says Fluffy n' Floppy and underneath reads Woodsy? or Woolsy? and has the year 1987 on it. if anyone has any info or can help please contact me!

WTB Monkey From 1990's02/19/12
I'm looking for a stuffed monkey. Looks like Curious George but not. Has blue jean cap and blue jean bow tie. My daughter has had her's since 1992 and has slept with it each night and has worn the face off, and the cap and tie have almost worn completely off. Would love to find another one for a shadow box for her. No tag. Would love to find!!

WTB Looking For: 80's Or 90's Plush Dog.02/14/12
I am looking for a plush dog made in either the 80's or 90's that is predominantly pink with the following features: -White muzzle. -Pink bow-like feature on its head. -Droopy eyes with blue eyelids. -White legs with pink knees. -Blue Right Ear, Left front foot and Right back foot. -Yellow Left ear, Right front foot and Left back foot. -Blue tail. If you know where I can find a plush like this, please let me know. It should look very much like how I have described. PLEASE take note of the sides that the coloured feet and ears are on. Thanks.

WTB Maxwell Monkey With Noise Maker02/11/12
I am looking for a monkey I had when I was a kid (in the late 80s or early 90s). The monkey was named Maxwell Monkey and when you squeezed him he squealed. There were other animals that were sold like this (elephant, lion, tiger) I would like to find who the maker is, I am looking specifically for the elephant.

WTB Vintage Dark Purple Velvet Rabbit02/08/12
I am looking to find the dark purple velvet rabbit that I had as a child (1975-1977). It was left in our home when we moved and I have missed it since. It was a very deep purple with I think some white on the front. It was sitting on all four legs and it had a velvety texture to it. Any information on where to find or if you have one, I would pay well for it. Thanks

WTB 1970-80's Red/green Velveteen (velour?) Bulldog02/07/12
Looking for a red and green bulldog similar to one I was given in the early 80's. The maker is unknown. The bulldog's features are somewhat cartoon-like rather than realistic. He has large green jowls, which make up the majority of his face. He sits like a teddy bear (on his butt) -- he does NOT stand on all fours. He has large white plastic eyes with brown and black painted on. He also has a black plastic nose. His ears are small and red. His lower 2 feet are larger than his upper 'arms' and some parts of him (butt/lower legs) are heavier because they are filled with tiny plastic beans/pellets. He is covered in a very soft velvet-like fabric (velveteen? doux cotton? velour?) that has a short pile... I remember that the fabric had a bit of a shine to it -- BEFORE I loved it all off of him! :)

Any information you have of a similar bulldog would be appreciated. I would really love to know who the manufacturer was, because mine was given to me in used condition, and I have no information about where it originally came from. Thank you in advance for any help you can give!

WTB J. Fred Muggs Original 1950 With White Tennis Shoe02/06/12
I am looking for J. Fred Muggs stuffed animal with white tennis shoes ( I believe this was original) My Mother gave this away after many years sitting in top of my closet.

WTB Blue and Pink (maybe Red) Bulldog01/29/12
As a child I had a stuffed Blue and Pink bulldog that my grandmother won for me from a claw machine. For the life of me, I can't remember the maker (he lost his tag long ago) and i've only seen one other, and my cousin has it. If he still has it, I'll check the tag and add it here. The toy was made in the 1980's. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

WTB Camel With Eyelashes Sold in 1970's At Hallmark01/29/12
1978/79 Tan stuffed camel with BIG eyes and long eyelashes. Belonged to my daughter since she was 2 or 3, and stolen when she was a teenager. She is now going through Chemotherapy and I'd love to get her another Camel!

WTB Curios George in Striped PJs and Bunny Slippers01/28/12
My son - now 9 - has a very dear toy given to him at birth. I would love to replace it as a gift. It is not a common plush doll. It has a rattle in its tummy, bunny slippers and blue and white PJs. Thanks for any help in finding this.

WTB Looking For Fuzzbee - Orange Bear With Pull String01/28/12
Hi, I'm looking for Fuzzbee (sp?) - an orange bear with a 4-color felt baseball cap. Circa 1969. Possibly from K-Mart, Sears, Penneys or Wards. He has a pull string and talks.

WTB Princess Soft Toys Lion01/24/12
I am looking for a Princess Soft Toys lion to replace one that my daughter lost. Thanks.

WTB Kirby01/19/12
nted to Buy: I am looking for a avon bear named Kirby from the 1970's. I will consider bears that are well used also. thanks Mary

WTB 70's Plush Brown Hippo W/internal Music Box01/17/12
I am looking for vintage 1970's stuffed brown hippo with internal music box that plays "Rock a Bye Baby". Black button eyes. Mouth closed. No teeth. Ears are not plush, but tabbed in design.

WTB Looking For a Stuffed Hippo From the 1980's01/07/12
I bought a 8- 10" grey stuffed hippo from Northampton County Community college in Bethlehem, PA in the late 1980's. I would love to find one just like it.

WTB Get Fuzzy: Plush Bucky Katt01/04/12
Please help me find a stuffed Bucky Katt from Get Fuzzy comics by Darby Conley. They were made by Gund for a special promo and I missed it. I really want to find one, and maybe Satchel Pooch, too. I will be checking back for any info or sales available. Thank you.

WTB Lilac the Talking Skunk Or Sniffers 12/14/11
My mother has been trying to find my favorite childhood toy for me for years. Her name was Lilac and she had a pull string. I lost this toy and was heartbroken for a long time and she wants to replace it before she passes. HELP! It is a plush lilac and white colored skunk that says a few different things when pull string is pulled. Cant find this anywhere. It was made by Mattel late 60's

WTB Eden Pink Nuzzy Doll12/13/11
Looking for a pink soft baby doll by Eden, has a rattle inside and is wearing a bear cap. Blonde hair/blue eyes.

WTB Wanter: Yellow Elephant12/11/11
I am looking for a stuffed, floppy yellow elephant. I can not find one anywhere. I have found yellow elephants, but they are stiff. The one I need is kinda floppy and looks like a bear type but is a yellow elephant if that makes any sence.

WTB 1970's Musical Stuffed Green Dog12/07/11
I looking for a Green Stuffed dog with brown floppy ears, he has a music box, about 12-15 inches. I had one when I was little and have been looking for another one for awhile now if you have an Idea what direction to point me in I would be most appricative. :D

WTB Red Stuffed Valentine Lion12/07/11
I am looking for a Red stuffed Valentines lion with white paws with red hearts on the paws. He was sold at Wal Mart in 2006. My daughter got him when she was 2 months old and he was her favorite stuffed animal! We lost him in June on vacation. She is asking Santa to bring her a new one......does anyone have one of these that is unloved around your house? Will buy! Thanks so much!!

WTB Looking For White Cat in Pajamas 90's12/07/11
I am looking for info on a white stuffed cat wearing pajamas, they are white terry cloth with designs on them from the mid to late 90's.It is probably about 18 inches & You could also get a dog. I would like to know the name & possibly the manufacturer. My daughter still has hers & it has seen better days we can't make out the tag. I do know we purchased this at Kmart.

WTB Late 70's Early 80's Stuffed Dog12/04/11
I am looking for a stuffed dog. I think the face was cream and brown. He had long arms with velcro on the hand (hugging dog) and long legs (slim body). His body was stitched and looked like he had on overalls and a plaid shirt. I am desperate to find one like him. I called him Long John. Not sure if that was some kind of name on the tag or what. Thanks!

WTB Looking For Heavenly Hound-Wee Win Toys11/26/11
I'm looking for a stuffed dog made by Wee Win Toys around 1989 named "Heavenly Hound" they were religious themed toys with a patch on them with bible verses.

WTB Looking For White Bunny Rabbit Plush 11/23/11
Stands about 1 foot tall, on hind legs. Holding purple flower with green leaves in its two front paws.

WTB 1950's Monkey11/22/11
I am searching for a brown stuffed monkey, from the 50's. This monkey was holding a banana. It was solid brown. Any condition will do.

WTB Early 1960s Crying Bear-rubber Face and Rubber Ear11/12/11
Could be Knickerbocker, not only has rubber face but also rubber ears, more delicate face than the usual crying bear found on ebay. She is lighter brown and is sitting.

WTB Bunny Rabbit Pulltoy11/08/11
Looking for a c.1986 Applause white plush bunny rabbit on wheels,approx. 9" in length. May have white cord with round wooden bead at the pull end. Bunny rides on a little platform with four wooden wheels.

WTB Need Light Brown FIESTA Plush Stuffed Raccoon11/03/11
I am trying to find a light brown standing stuffed raccoon with black paws, made by FIESTA. I am guessing that it has been discontinued. It's at the top of my daughter's birthday list!

WTB Blue Porpoise With Calico Belly11/02/11
Looking for a plush medium blue porpoise with a matching calico underbelly and blue heart and eyes sewn on. My sister had one in the 1980's and I'd like to find it for her. It was at least 18 inches long but no more than 24"?I believe it was homemade, it did not have tags or labels. Been trying to find a pattern but no luck so far.

WTB Seeking Playskool Blue Plaid Security Elephant10/29/11
Playskool stuffed pastel blue plaid security elephant . I believe it was made in 1986 or 1987. It is like a pillow and the underside is made of blue satin.

WTB Wanted Kindergund 1987 Plush Velour Tickles Clown10/24/11
Hi this was my sons favourite toy and recently some have been selling. There are 2 - 1 has removeable clothes but I am searching for the one that was velour and is shown in this magazine ad from the time. many thanks http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=ZmEEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA8&lpg=PA8&dq=working+mother+1987+gund&source=bl&ots=EKTAMt7yIN&sig=Q-mbiuS_LHMR3ySv9_kThL8KWag&hl=en&ei=TMqlTvSTFdLC8QPxypnpBQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=2&ved=0CB8Q6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q=working%20mother%201987%20gund&f=false

WTB Wolfe10/19/11
I am looking for a 1962ish rubber faced wolf with redish fur about 2' tall

Looking for a Kerby by Avon (1983 or 1984) for my granddaughter. Please let me know if anyone has one available.

WTB Corduroy Hound Sleeper Dog, Circa 1960s10/05/11
Hi, I am looking to buy a corduroy sleeper dog from the 1960s. My family does not have many details besides: *corduroy material, light tan with blue under ears *hound dog, long ears *zippered stomach (we believed marketed for sleepovers) *eyes have lashes, and are stitched closed with black thread. Thanks!

WTB Clarence the Cross Eyed Lion Plush Animal10/01/11
I am looking for a plush toy from about 1965-1966, called "Clarence the Cross Eyed Lion", he had a pull string which made him say a number of different sayings. he was a animal chacater in Daktari tv series which ran about the same years. I would dearly love to find this beloved childhood toy. Thank-you for your time

WTB Wanted Musical Mother Rabbit (Bunny) With Baby 09/27/11
Hi I have a plush "mother" rabbit holding a baby bunny in her arms ..it winds up, plays music and the baby moves in her arms. Thinking it was from the late 1960's. It looks to be cream/tan? colored or a very faded pink? Can't find any tags on it so don't know who made it but would love to find another one as mine was damaged. Thanks

WTB 1984-85 Avon Kerby/Kirby Bear09/27/11
Looking to buy a Avon Kerby/Kirby bear, wanting one for my nephew for christmas as hes taken a liking to my one. Please let me know if you have one :)

WTB Stuffed Elephant From Early 1970's09/26/11
when new, it was light grey, stands on 2 legs, wears overalls, front pocket with handkerchief, blue eyes, pink felt tongue, ears have plastic piece inside to help make them stick out. i need to find this toy-multiple if possible!!

WTB "Playful Pals Puppet" By Mervyns -Brown Koala Bear09/24/11
If anyone has a brown koala bear made my Playful Pals sold by Mervyn's please send a picture. I'm only interested in the koala bear puppet made by Playful Pals.

WTB Morgan the Basset Hound09/24/11
I'm looking for Morgan the basset hound from "The Garry Moore Show" I had one as a child. He is blush colored with a black squeaky nose and very long floppy ears.

WTB Mervyns Playful Pals (Puppy)09/21/11
Used Mervyns Playful Pals Puppy

WTB Scoungy the Dog09/06/11
Looking desperately for 1980 or 1981 stuffed dog named Scroungy. It is an American Greetings Corp product. Tan fur, big long snout,floppy ears, with dark brown fur on the top of his head, half-closed sad eyes.

WTB Looking For a Stuffed Dog Called Mr. Smiley09/05/11
My cousin had this as a child. It had floppy ears (I guess it resembled Snoopy), had a cape, & a ribbon with his name on it, he also had a red smile. He says the name was Mr. Smiley. It would have probably been sometime in the 70's. He would really like to get another, if anyone knows of one please help. Thanks.

WTB Tomy Lulluby Bunny09/03/11
I am looking for a white bunny in pale blue patterned pyjamas that plays Brahms lulluby and its cheeks light up and dim as the tune fades. I purchased one in 1990

WTB a Dog and a Pig09/02/11
this is a childhood memory of mine mt twin brother and I had these two stuffed animals that resembled Rolf and miss piggy from the muppets. we had them from about 1979 to 1984. the pig had blue poka dotted pants with suspenders and buttons. the dog was brownish with floppy ears. I'm not sure who made them, ie: brand name I have searched for years now and have had no luck. If any one has any info or leads PLEASE let me know. Thank you, Niess

WTB Hallmark Large Plush Stuffed Yellow Dog/Red Ears09/01/11
I am looking for a large, plush, stuffed yellow dog or bear with red ears. My boyfriend bought one for me a year ago ( for Valentine's Day and I believe it was from a Hallmark Store. My son gave it away! The bear or dog was about three feet long, lays sort of flat, very plush and soft. Thank you!

WTB Wanted: Rufus the Lion Pull String From the 70s08/28/11
I am looking for Rufus the lion. He had a pull string and said I am rufus the lion. I will pay top dollar for rufus if you have one

WTB White Stuffed Bunny With Blue Overalls 08/24/11
I am looking for a white stuffed bunny (satin smooth cloth, not fur) with a blue cap with a bill on it and matching overalls. About 9 inches tall and could be as old as 20 years.

WTB Mervyns Playful Pals Black and White Cow 1990's08/21/11
Wanted a mervyns playful pals cow that was original purchased around 1995...sitting position ..horns...black and white. about 10 inches high....

WTB Teddy Bear08/20/11
Looking for a 1950/51 rubber nose short hair Teddy bear.

WTB Mattell- Napper Stuffed Talking Dog08/19/11
This dog was made in the late 70's/ early 80's by Mattell. He has a brown body and darker brown tail and ears. I am looking to buy one that still talks or if someone has the voicebox from inside. Thanks!

WTB Musical Clown08/15/11
I am looking for a musical clown toy that would hang on a crib and when string is pulled would play a lullaby. It is a clown with a white with black polka dot hat, red hair a white body and black and white legs. I think it might be a Dakin brand. It was purchased in Canada in 1994 for my daughter and she lost it and I was hopping to find another one for her.

WTB My First Puppy By Eden Toy Company07/28/11
I am searching for a white stuffed dog with a blue or pink wool hat. It was made in the late 1980s called My First Puppy by Eden Toy Company.

WTB 1970's Red Plush Dog07/25/11
I got a red stuffed dog in the early 70's from my grandfather and lost him . He was somewhat velveteen and had long ears like a hound dog. I was hoping to replace him and that maybe there was another one out there

WTB Frog and Toad Dolls07/20/11
First grade teacher needs Frog & Toad dolls for my class.

WTB Stuffed Bunny I Called Mr. Whiskers07/14/11
I am looking for a certain stuffed rabbit I received for Easter either in the late 60's or early 70's (I can't remember exactly when). I called him Mr. Whiskers because he had this long whiskers that stuck far out. He was maybe about 2 feet tall(more or less) and had long ears (not sure if they were floppy or stuck straight out). He had on a red plaid vest and cap, wore glasses, and had a pipe in his hand so he looked like he was Scottish. Anyway, my mom suggested I call him Mr. Whiskers. I lost him in a flood about 10 years later and I have always wanted to find another one. I have been on a quest this year for my 50th birthday to try and find all the special toys I loved as a child. I would appreciate if anyone knows of where I can find Mr. Whiskers or at least maybe know of what his real name was or what company made them. We lived in a small town and my mom did a lot of shopping from the Sears catalogue so Mr. Whiskers could have possibly come from there. Thanks so much.

WTB Tiger With Bib That Says Nobody Loves Me07/13/11
I had a pink and purple tiger in the late 60s early 70s that had a bib that said Nobody loves me. I would love to find another one like it

WTB Montgomery the Talking Monkey07/10/11
When I was little I was given a stuffed monkey called montgomery. He was made in the early 80s and was sold by Montgomery Ward's. He had a hole in the back of his neck where you could put your hand in move the mouth and he had a cable going down his neck where it joined a battery operated voice box. He said things like "Hi I am Mantgomery Monkey, which is bigger a grape or an ape.

WTB Scroungy Stuffed Dog07/02/11
Looking desperately for 1980 or 1981 stuffed dog named Scroungy. It is an American Greetings Corp product. Tan fur, big long snout,floppy ears, with dark brown fur on the top of his head, half-closed sad eyes.

WTB Only Orange Will Do !06/25/11
a small to med size all orange elephant my son had on as a baby untill adulthood. Looking for one for new granddaughter.

WTB Lookin For Pinkie06/02/11
I had a friend named Pinkie for 24 years. He slept on my chest even after I was married. He's been lost for several years now. He is app. 3in. long with a pink snout with black nose,and either pink or brown droopy ears. His body was cream or white in color and he had a tail. I'm pretty sure it was a dog, but may have been a rabbit. The stuffing was a hard "nut" substance.

WTB Mattel Napper Dog05/28/11
I had one of these my whole life until my ex-husband sabotaged it. Looking for one to buy. Don't care what condition.

WTB Plays an Irish Lullaby (Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loora)05/23/11
Cant find anywhere - any stuffed animal which plays this tune

WTB Scroungy, Where Are You???05/10/11
Looking for 1980's stuffed scroungy brown plush toy dog to give my husband a sentimental piece of his childhood back to him. It was made by American Greetings approx in 1981, is brown with a red tag. Please contact me with any info. Thank you

WTB Gund Creation Pink Sleeping Bunny 1950's05/09/11
Stuffed animal but with a rubber sleeping face. So cute!!! I had one of these when I was a little girl, and would love to have it again! Anyone have one...let me know!!!

WTB Plush Pink Musical Pig (Pigaboo)05/08/11
Approximately 8 ˝“ long with pink ultra suede snout and pink heart shaped ultra suede hooves. It plays Brahms’ lullaby when you wind it up and came with a pink bow tied around its neck. It was purchased in the mid 1990s, and I believe its tag read “Chicago Bear Co.” (as opposed to “North American Bear Co.”) This pigaboo has a shorter, rounder snout than some I saw on eBay a while ago (which were non-musical). Please contact me ASAP if you have this particular Pigaboo for sale or any information on where I might find one.

WTB WTB Fisher Price 2000 Pal Of the Month Baby Bear05/03/11
I am looking to buy the Fisher Price year 2000 Sesame Street Pal of the Month Baby Bear Doll...I have all of the other 11 months and want to complete the collection.

WTB Light Bl;ue Edens Plush Lamb 04/24/11
So sad I by mistake gave away my daughters first stuffed animal -- She's 17 now, and still wants it. It's a light blue stuffed lamb with a copper bell made by Eden. I have searched endlessly. Much appreciated if anyone finds ir.

WTB Morgan Dog04/22/11
I'm looking for the original Morgan plush dog from the 1950s. I believe the end of his nose squeaked when pressed.

WTB WTB 1980's White Rabbit With Rainbow Hat04/09/11
I am looking for a white rabbit with a rainbow hat on .. my brother had one as a child growing up and now has a son and my mother and i are looking for the same one to purchase for him ..Please let me know if you have one or where to find one thanks !

WTB Plush Grey Octopus(no Mouth) From Odd-Lot Store04/08/11
Hello i am in search of a grey plush octopus that was bought from either the Marshals creek or the Tannersville Odd-Lot store in 2008-2009 My 3 yr old takes hers everywhere and its falling apart. She absolutely loves this ocotpus and im searching everywhere for a replacement. When it did have a tag i remember it said Double M . I tried and searched but i can't find that company online and Odd-Lot said they cant get it anymore =( Please help me find another one ! Its about 21 inches long with 12 of the inces being its legs. It just has white hard plastic eyes with black pupils..no mouth.

WTB Looking For Gund Monkey04/02/11
I am looking for a 1987 cream colored plush monkey made by Gund. Original name was Zippy. He is a plush,very cute monkey with red smile, cream color with white details. Will pay top dollar for this monkey.

WTB Plastic Face, Hands and Feet White Mouse From 70's04/01/11
Looking for a mouse. Has pink nose, I think, has plastic face, hands and feet and was sold at Montgomery Ward in the 70's. Desperately trying to find it. Have no idea who the maker is..Gund? Maybe Dakin? NO clue. Any idea who has one or where I can get one? Please, please contact me. Thanks!

WTB Stuffed Wind Up Lion 1970's By Eden03/30/11
I am looking for a stuffed wind up lion that purred and moved its head while it played "you are my sunshine" it was made by Eden Toys in the 1970's.

WTB Vintage Monkey With Rubber Face03/24/11
Looking for a Monkey my sister had as a child around 1957. It was brown "plus/stuffed" with a goofy rubber face. I believe she received it in Germany. I saw it in an antique store (that was closed) either in Idaho or Washington.

WTB I Want a Stuffed Casey Jones Dog03/15/11
i had a stuffed casey jones dog for about 24 years my aunt bought it for me when i was 9 months old she died years ago. well i was living at a motel in colorado springs i would love to have casey jones again

WTB Chocolate Sweetfeet Gund Bear03/02/11
i am looking for a gund chocolate sweet feet lion

WTB Stuffed Dog With Yellow Ears02/23/11
I am looking for a stuffed dog with light yellow ears and a white/cream colored body. The one I am trying to replace was bought in Germany around 1983. I think the nose is light yellow too and the tail might have been as well.

WTB 1950's Teddy Bear With Plastic Face02/16/11
I am looking for a brown teddy bear sold in the 50's that has a plastic face and eyes that open and close.

WTB Harry Potter Brown Owl02/12/11
Looking for Errol (brown owl). Made around 2001. Has 4 toes and half moon eyes.

WTB Wanted: 60s and 70s Plush Monsters and Creatures!02/07/11
desperately seeking 60s/70s kitschy monster plush!! most are furry/shaggy with bulging, bloodshot eyes. some have crazy sharp teeth and some have no mouth at all! they are silly and simple and goofy, and may have been carnival prizes. if you have something that may or may not fit this description, please send me a message :)

WTB Lilac the Pull-string Skunk01/27/11
My mother is very upset by the loss of her favorite childhood toy, Lilac. It is a plush lilac and white colored skunk that says a few different things when pull string is pulled. Next to nothing on the net that I can find, so anyone who may have one, or knows where I might find one, PLEASE contact me! Thanks!

WTB Lamby Pie Stuffed Animal Blue T-shirt, 70's/80's01/26/11
Desperately seeking a stuffed lamb, Wears a blue t-shirt with the words Lamby Pie on the chest. The animal is about 10" tall. Please let me know if you find one!

WTB 1960s Stuffed Turtle (purple Fur With a "leather" Shell)01/24/11
I am looking for a stuffed turtle that I received for Christmas (as a small boy in Canada) either in the late 1960s or very early 1970s. It had a plush body - purple "fur", it had a red felt floppy tongue, the center of its eyes were a large plastic black convex circle, surrounded by an oval yellow felt piece, surrounded by a thin oval wafer of shiny black plastic. It also had a flower on the top of its head (w/ some small green leaves, if I remember correctly). Its shell was about 17 inches in diameter, it was about 24 inches from nose to tail, and it was about 6-7 inches thick. I have a picture of it, if anyone needs to see exactly what it looks like. Any help finding one would be greatly appreciated.

WTB 1970s Plush Blue Bunny Wind Up That Plays Rockabye01/23/11
I am looking for a plush blue bunny that has white feet and blue glass or plastic eyes. It winds up and plays rockabye baby.

WTB Smiling Dog01/19/11
looking for a small stuffed dog with plastic face circa early 1960's label says 'a wooley toy' cant find a mention of the company anywhere. i have a picture of it. would like to purchase one in better condition.

WTB Desperately Seeking "Lamby Pie" Knickerbocker01/15/11
I am searching for a stuffed lamb, I had one as a child and it was tragically thrown away a few years ago by an ex. It is an off white color, creamy white. With a blue shirt made onto it that says "Lamby Pie" I believe it is from the 70's or 80's. I would make it very worthwhile to anyone who has this available.

WTB Musical R. Dakin Teddy Bear 01/10/11
Plaid bow, made in 1980's. I have a photo. Plays "Teddy Bears Picnic".

WTB Stuffed Animal Cow Manhattan Toy 1993 01/09/11
I am looking for a stuffed animal cow, approximately 14" long, black and white, with beige horns and black hooves. It was made by Manhattan Toy Company in 1993, and the tag includes the numbers 4073 and 54336. It was my daughter's "special friend," and I wanted to surprise her with a "surrogate" that she could take to college! Thanks for your help!!

WTB Tommy Tucker01/08/11
WTB - Tommy Tucker stuffed doll. If I recall, it was about 14" tall. Curly brown yarn hair.

WTB "Zoomer" Or "Speedy" Stuffed Monkeys01/03/11
I had a stuffed monkey in the 1980's named zoomer. He was a Curious George looking monkey with a blue jumpsuit with white stripes on the sides. I also had the companion monkey named Speedy with a yellow jumpsuit. Unfortunately while deployed for the Army my husband though he would do a good deed and donate all my old stuffed animals to a local hospital. I would love to find one or both of them if possible.

WTB Eden 1971 "you Are My Sunshine" Lion01/02/11
I am looking for an Eden plush, yellow lion that plays with wind-up key, "You are my sunshine" has a red felt mane.

WTB WTB 1971 Montgomery Wards Musical Elephant12/28/10
Looking for Purple and White Musical Elephant sold by Montgomery Wards in 1971. The product number on the stuffed animal is: Art No. 48-18295.

WTB Purple/White Musical Elephant12/28/10
I'm looking for a purple and white stuffed elephant that you pull a string and it plays music. It's by Montgomery Ward.

WTB Im Looking To Buy a Blue Lion Stuffed Animal12/22/10
the description of the stuffed animal is: the color is dark blue with yellow hair at the feet,tail,and the mane. with long legs and sand or beans in the feet to where if you throw the toy in the air it will land on the feet. it looks like it its smiling and has plastic eyes and a pink plastic nose. the toy was around in the 90's. i dont know the name of it or the manufacturer please help me find this toy

WTB Corduroy Monkey, Long Limbs, Red Overalls/Hat12/12/10
My brother had this stuffed toy as a souvenir from Boston in about 1992 (it was stitched on his overalls, so that became his name). He had a red and white striped shirt under his overalls, and I'm pretty sure the clothing was part of the monkey and not separated. He was 12-18" long.

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